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How to solve the problem of smog in Poland – recommendations for the government

On Wednesday January 11th 2017 Marek Zaborowski, Vice-President of the Institute of Environmental Economics and Coordinator of Efficient Poland Initiative issued a letter to Prime Minister Beata Szydło and Vice Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in which he presents National Program for Buildings Renovation (NPBR). This program should be the most important part of the strategy for anti-smog actions in Poland (the second important element should be legislative changes).

IEE-EP letter is a reaction to the letter of Prime Minister in which she asks Mateusz Morawiecki to “work on the topic of smog at the next meeting of Economy Committee of the Government and prepare recommendations for the Governments meeting on January 17th

The main part of the IEE-EP letter is the diagnosis, solution and suggested actions:

Efficient Poland: fight with smog can be an important factor in the growth of Polish economy


Winter smog has its result in domestic boilers and stoves that use waste and solid-fuel of the worst kind for heating. The problem are especially single-family houses (70% of these have no thermal insulation or thei unsulation layers are too thin). According to KOBIZE low stack emission in Poland constitutes 52% of PM10 emissions and 87% of B[a]P. One solution to the problem of air pollution in Poland is to liquidate the emissions of pollutants from heating of houses.


The solution is an introduction of ambitious program aimed at modernizing polish building stock. The program should be national and continued for a few years. It would lead to a reduction of energy consumption resulting in reduction of pollution and more will among people to use less-polluting fuels and heating sources.

The program would bring not only benefits related with reduction of pollutants but also, according to Czech Republic’s experience it would create new jobs and increase the income to state budget.

The program would require a cooperation between different Ministries, especially between Ministry of Finance, Infrastructure and Buildings, Environment and Energy.

Suggested actions

We suggest a wide range of actions listed in the proposal of National Program for Buildings Renovation, that can be summarized as follows:

  • Developmeny of a multi-channel program supporting the modernization of buildings (the proposition of National Program for Buildings Renovation-NPBR by Efficient Poland Initiative might be a good starting point for this). Program can be a supplement to governmental Strategy for Buildings Renovation that is currently developed at the Ministry of Infrastructure,
  • Development of financial products (together with NFEP&WM and BGK Bank) that would support the renovation of buildings (coordination of actions between Ministries is vital for effective implementation of program),
  • Development and implementation of national media campaign that would support the modernization of buildings and would involve an active engagement of construction sector.

It has to be stressed that the whole process would last 15-20 years and would probably be carried out by different governments.


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