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Conference on energy efficiency and air quality by IEE-EP and MCBE

We are very pleased to inform you about the conference “ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND AIR QUALITY – MAŁOPOLSKA 2017”, which took place on 28th and 29th September at the Cracow University of Technology. The organizers of the event were the Małopolska Region Centre for Energy Efficient Building (MCBE) and the Institute of Environmental Economics.

The first day of the conference was based on the experiences of local governments and businesses. It was an opportunity to talk about the impact of energy efficiency on air quality, and to develop new solutions or to improve already known methods of fight with the air pollution.

On the second day of the conference organized by the Institute of Environmental Economics, representatives of science presented the results of the latest research and analysis in the field of energy efficiency of buildings and air quality. The partners of the Efficient Polska initiative and the cooperating institutions participated in the preparation of the conference. The presentations covered the topics of e.g.: indoor air quality, how modernization affects pollutant emissions and estimates of the demand for work created by modernization activities.

IEE presented findings from research on state of single-family buildings in Poland and our new report on the renovation needs of home owners.

The goal of the conference was to present scientific research that might be helpful when creating national program for buildings renovation and to gather stakeholders from different sectors around a topic of energy efficiency and air quality. These goals were achieved as experts of different backgrounds (social sciences, economists, physicists, architects and energy auditors) discussed with politicians and city owned energy companies (e.g. DH plant from Tarnów) about energy efficiency of buildings and its relation with air quality.

Photos from 1st and 2nd day of the conference.


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