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New publication by IEE-EP – Energy Efficiency in Poland 2017 Review

It is with great pleasure that we present the latest edition of our yearbook Energy Efficiency in Poland. 2017 Review.  This year we continue our focus on the topic of single-family houses.

There are several important reasons behind our interest in single-family buildings. More than half of Poles live in single-family buildings, which makes this sector worthwhile to have a closer look at. According to our research, a great majority of single-family houses are either not insulated at all or the insulation layer applied is insufficient. Moreover, around 70% of single-family houses are heated by means of manually fed solid-fuel boilers, in which everything can be combusted, including waste. The widespread use of such boilers causes significant emission of air pollutants, such as particulate matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or dioxins. In practical terms poor insulation translates into higher heat demand and heating costs, while the popularity of manual, solid-fuel boilers results in significant air pollution in nearly whole country.

The 2017 Review includes among other answers to those questions:

  • What should the National Programme for the Modernisation of Single-Family Buildings be like?
  • What renovation need do Poles have?
  • How much can the modernisation of Polish houses cost?
  • How can the modernisation of Polsh houses be financed from the EU-ETS Funds?
  • How does the modernisation of single-family buildings impact the labour marker?

Previous edition of the Energy Efficiency in Poland. Review is available in Publications.


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