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New report by IEE-EP

We would like to present the newest report by Institute of Environmental Economics-Efficient Poland Initiative (IEE-EP) on the topic of investment needs among owners of single-family buildings (SFBs).

The report summarizes the survey research performed earlier on in 2017 and which was inspired by the declaration of Polish Government that it will develop a national program supporting thermal-modernisation of SFBs.

Eventhough the report itself is short it provides new and interesting answers to the issues realted with the structure of the program to be developed.


  • modernisation is not just about thermal modernisation but includes also other renovation work, such as roof, bathroom or kitchen renovation
  • support is essential for comprehensive renovation projects (encouraging comprehensive building modernisation through subsidies, housing
    modernisation rebates and other instruments
  • the scale of modernisation required is enormous and investors lack financial resources to implement the renovation work as desired (in large measure this problem can be solved through loan products, although to what degree is unclear)

These and other findings from the report might be useful for the Government who is developing the program but also for the companies from the buildings sector to prepare marketing activities.

The report is available in Publications.


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