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We know how to change the situation – about the Initiative

In Poland exist two major problems that have been neglected so far. Combating these issues might surely improve the quality of life but also can lead to an improvement in the economic growth i.e. new technologies, health, workplaces, standard of living.

Thermal refurbishment of single family houses

Polish government has ignored the needs of half of the society, focusing on supporting public and multi-family buildings. It is worth to change the approach towards single family buidlings – in single family houses live less wealthy half of Poles which is willing to undergo a refurbishment of their houses. They should be helped to do this appropriately.

Let’s change the polish scenery/landscape – let’s help the citizens from countryside and small towns.

Air quality in Poland

Horrible state of air in Poland is the result of lack of determination by the State to act against harmful emissions from boilers fired with waste, poor quality fuel (in most cases coal). Waste and coal of low quality is burned in old boilers installed in energy consuming single-family houses. To solve this problem changes in law are necessary as well as local initiatives like the support programs by the Małopolska voivodeship/province.

Polluted air is not only a problem of cities like Kraków – hundreds of cities and towns face this issue and try turn a blind eye to this issue which might be successfully dealt with.

To support the Efficient Poland, Institute of Environmental Economics as the initiators encourages all organisations, persons and institutions for whom the better life quality of Poles is important and worth the action.

List of Supporting Partners. 

Since the begining of 2016 Efficient Poland Initiative has become a National Supporting Partner of Renovate Europe Campaign.

Efficient Poland (EP) is an Initiative with 2 main goals:

  • lead to a higher level of renovation of existing building stock (especially single-family houses)
  • address the problem of low air quality in Poland.

Those goals are in line with Renovate Europe Campaign objectives. What is more, stakeholders who are brought together within the Initiative are expert organizations in the field of energy efficiency and buildings, business association representatives and NGOs – many of these are also active in Renovate Europe Campaign.

We would like to invite you to get acquainted with our presentation on the main goals and achivements of the Efficient Poland Initiative. In this brief slideshow we would like to gather and present all important aspects which influence our Initiative.

Efficient Poland Initiative presentation

We invite you to read our news section and to follow us on Twitter – @efektywnapolska.



Efektywna Polska
Address: ul. Felicjanek 10/6, Kraków, Polska
Telephone: +48 12 222 50 11


The Initiative is Efficient Poland is National Supporting Partner for the Renovate Europe Campaign
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